Prague 2004 Abstracts
"Community Control of Hypertension with Special Emphasis on
Central and Eastern Europe"

Index of Abstracts Submitted to Prague Meeting, April 24, 2004

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  Bereznyakov: Comparative effectiveness of long-term management of hypertensives with fixed cominations of antihypertensive medicines
  Bernoteine: Medical care for elderly men and women of Kaunas
  Bernoteine: Prevalence of arterial hypertension among middle-aged and elderly Kaunas population
  Dzerve: Prevalence and control of hypertension in Latvia
  Eidelman: Pharmocoedpidemiology of hypertension in St. Petersburg
  Farsky: Prevalence of the hypertension related risk factors and how to decrease their levels in slovakia
  Ganapathy: Resource availability for hyertension in primary health care centres (phcs) of maduria district
  Gaspar: Contribution of ambulatoy blood pressure monitoring in the management of antihypertensive therapy in the elderly
  Georgiev: Analysis of antihypertensive drug use in outpatients population
  Georgiev: Choice of drug combination for optimal blood pressure control in essential hypertension
  Georgiev: Blood pressure levels targeted by the outpatients practice physicians
  Gerova: The effect of the non - pharmacological intervention on the cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors
  Girerd: Cross-sectional survey conducted by the "Comité Français De Lutte Contre L'Hypertension" or French League Against Hypertension.
  Golubev: Hypertension clinic and hypertension specialist as a cost-effective tool to improve the disease control in belarus
  Grunfeldova: Risk factors research on coronary artery disease patients in region of the Municipal Hospital Caslav
  Hamet: Control of hypertension in canada: plans for improvement
  Janusaskas: Kaunas police faculty of Lithuanian University of Law, kaunas, Lithuania
  Jureniene: Control of hypertension during 10 years period in lithuanian middle-aged population
  Kalinauskiene: Patient education about elevated blood pressure in the hospital cardiology unit
  Kazmi: Abastract
  Yagensky: Community-based preventive program SOPKARD/LUTSKARD in Poland and Ukraine: the results of represenative surveys
  Malinauskiene: Aterial hypertension as a risk factor of myocardial infraction in different occupational categories of Kaunas men, Lithuania
  Onwubere: Guidelines for managment of hypertenion: summary of the sitation in Sub-saharan Africa today
  Peleska: How to improve hypertension control in general practice towards the level of hypertenion specialists
  Rumboldt: What did the last 10.000 patients teach us
  Rumboldt: Croatian society of hypertension: minor modifications of the national guidelines following the new european and north-american recommendations
  Sakalnikas: Hypertension and obesity: data from patient education for hpertension project in Lithuania
  Sambandam: Lipids, lipid peroxidation and redox status in hypertensive patients on long-term treatment with diuretics or calcium channel blockers
  Sopagiene: Trends of arterial hypertension, morbidity of and mortality from stroke amoung middle-aged Kaunas population between 1983 and 2002
  Spinar: Hypertension treatment at hospital discharge
  Tomekova: Control of hypertension and survival analysis of the pyertensive men in stulong- longitudinal study of risk factors of atherosclerosis
  Widimsky: Prevalence of primary hyperaldosteronism in moderate to severe hypertension in Central Europe region
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