Egyptian Hypertension Center - Information Center Survey

by Mohsen Ibrahim
Cairo, Egypt.

In developing countries, the problem posed by hypertension is compounded by economic, social and educational factors. In addition, data depicting the magnitude of the problem is inadequate or absent altogether. In general developing nations rely wholly or partly on data derived from studies on hypertension in the developed nations. Such data may not be directly applicable to the developing nations when genetic, economic, and ethnic factors are taken into consideration. At the Egyptian Hypertension Society, we are currently in the process of establishing a Hypertension Information Center. This will be the first of its kind in the region. The center will primarily focus on the burden of hypertension in the developing world and compare figures and information with that from developed nations. The center will aim to provide care-providers and health-care personnel with information pertaining to the following topics:

              • Epidemiology of Hypertension
              • Antihypertensive medications
              • Research in the field of hypertension

A lot of data, particularly in developing countries is unpublished, or published locally in journals to which we do not have access through periodicals or the web. We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide any relevant and recent data concerning the epidemiology of hypertension in your country. The attached form depicts the kind of information that we seek. We would be grateful if you could find the time to complete it and return it to us, along with the reference sources for the data.

If you find that you can offer other data regarding the epidemiology of hypertension, which is not conforming to our given format, please include it as the sheet serves merely as a guide. After data collection, we will be comparing data that we retrieve from both developed and developing nations. All the information that we collect will be available to you along with copies of our publications. Your participation will be greatly valued. We extend to you our sincerest thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

M. Mohsen Ibrahim,
,MD President, Egyptian Hypertension Society

MD Radwa Bedeer
Co-ordinator, EHS Information Center

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