Hypertension Information Center proposed activities

1- Development of a national hypertension data bank containing the following information:
A- Epidemiologic data:
1. Hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control rates.
2. Hypertension risk factors.
3. Hypertensive complications.
4. Other cardiovascular risk factors.
5. Physician and public knowledge and attitudes towards hypertension.
6. Patients compliance.
B - Antihypertensive drugs information:
1. Available drugs in Egyptian market.
2. Prescription information.
3. Cost.
C - Research information:
1. Ongoing hypertension research in Egyptian institutions.
2. Completed or published hypertension research in Egypt.
3. Current international hypertension research that can be applied in Egyptian institutions.
4. Recent tends in hypertension prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
2- Planning, design, execution and monitoring of the hypertension education programs for the physician and the public.

3- Create community awareness of hypertension through the production and dissemination of printed material in corporation with media and policy planners.

4- Design, preparation and production of the educational material which includes: lectures, pamphlets, booklets, posters, slides, tapes, video tapes.

5- Establish and run a reference hypertension library for physicians.

6- Write and publish hypertension consensus reports and guidelines.

7- Planning, designing, execution and monitoring of hypertension population based research.

8- Web site : www.EHS-Egypt.net The web site includes scientific news and educational material.

9- Arranging meetings and educational courses.

10- Newsletter.
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