A Brief Report of the Activities of the Nurses Hypertension Association

by Bernadette Stribling, UK.

The Nurses Hypertension Association (NHA) was founded in 1991, comprising nurses from across the UK working in the field of hypertension. The role of the Association is to promote the advancement, knowledge, and dissemination of information concerning hypertension findings and related vascular disease.

The nurses work in the cutting edge of research, completing clinical trial work and, more often, writing their own protocols and studies for their own research. Other nurses work within the NHS either in specialized care in large teaching hospitals or in Primary Care Trusts as hypertension specialists. As hypertension is largely managed in Primary Care, these nurses are invaluable in their contribution to getting blood pressure targeted and lowered.

We have developed links with several organizations, such as the British Hypertension Association and the UK-based Hypertension Influence Team (HIT). Through partnership working we recognize we can achieve more.

The NHA also supports the concept of continuous education, and its 100 members regularly attend updates on hypertension within the local area. Coupled with this the NHA also organizes a clinical update meeting and its scientific meeting on an annual basis.

The NHA is determined to go from strength to strength in its aim to achieve optimum blood pressure targets throughout the UK.

Bernadette Stribling
Chair, Nurses Hypertension Association
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